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our staff







  • our senior staffs


Mr. Naeem Atea

General Manager


Mr.Tariq Al Swailem

Customer Service


Mr. Mohamed Berry

Studies & Research



Quality control


Mr.Khalid Al Swailem




Financial Analysis





Al swailem consulting group is here to guide you through a period of growth. Growing staff, adding



customers, increasing space, changing direction or upgrading systems can be overwhelming. We ar



here to evaluate all the areas of your organization, including MANAGEMENT and productivity systems.


Together we set goals, develop your business plan, organize space and staff expansion and even help


acquire other units.


Although we’ve helped many growing organizations prosper, we know it is the accessibility and


eagerness to serve each client that makes the difference. We also recognize that clients have limited


funds available for professional fees. We ESTABLISH an annual fee budget with you and we help you


monitor the cost of our services, highlighting the most economical alternatives.