The role of the office in carrying out the recurring AUDIT services is to express an AUDIT opinion on the fairness of the presentation of the financial position, results of operations and cash flows based on the audit of the financial statements, which includes the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and other statements which are normally prepared by clients. The audit is conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and applicable statutory and legal requirements. In executing audit engagement we thoroughly understand the clients business and the challenges the clients face and focus on areas important to clients business. To add value to our clients we issue management letters, which will help the clients to manage their business effectively by highlighting major weakness in internal and ACCOUNTING control systems that could be discovered in the course of the audit






Our staff possess the necessary knowledge and experience of the local zakat & TAXlaws and regulations that enables them to render high quality zakat & tax services to existing and potential clients. The office staff acquired the necessary experience that enables them to provide advisory zakat & tax which would assist our clients to plan their business effectively and minimize their potential liabilities, while complying with applicable legal and statutory requirements. Zakat & tax service include both compliance and advisory services.






We can provide bookkeeping services to our potential clients. Our highly qualified and experienced professional staff can add value to our clients by preparing accurate ACCOUNTS on timely basis. Moreover our staff can analyze and interpret the accounts in a way that can help our clients to take the appropriate business decision.




Enterprises Resources Planning (ERP) Solutions


We always look for achieving our clients' satisfaction, by providing them with the advanced solutions that can assist in solving the problems, which may face their businesses. Our staff qualifications and their long and varied experiences enable us to find suitable solutions for any one of the main problems that face the progress and the development of our existing and potential clients' business,  in this manner we help our clients by supervising the process of preparation or selection and implementation of the software solutions, which fit to the nature volume and requirements of their activities, mainly the fully integrated business solutions (distributed ERP solutions) aimed at achieving maximum efficiency of operation, significant cost SAVINGS and high-level profits.







Our experienced staff can help our existing and potential clients prepare a detailed written document describing their current operations future business forecasts and plans. We possess a clear and systematic approach that enables us to prepare feasibility studies and business plan for our clients. Moreover we can deal on behalf of our clients with the FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS in the submission of the business plan, discussion and finalization of issue and the related matters.





Other Consultancy Services


The office staff supported by our specialists could provide, MANAGEMENT consultancy services that can meet our existing and potential client’s needs. The main areas in which the office has the resources to provide MANAGEMENT – consulting services are:
-         ACCOUNTING systems design
-         Policies and procedures design including financial, administrative and operational ones.
-         Establishment of cost control system and reviews of the general control environment including ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE
-         Budgeting and financial control
-         Management INFORMATION SYSTEMS design and information system security audit.
-         Company formation and floatation
-         Business valuation and business continuity management
-         Mergers, acquisition and liquidation.
-         Human resources development, training and redesign ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE to achieve maximum results.
-         Business risk assessment and business risk management.
-         Network and systems management, computer audit and security reviews.
-         Also we provide financial advisory services like transaction services such as due diligence, special investigations.








Businesses are governed by various legal and business rules, regulations and contractual requirements. Our qualified professionals are specialized in reviews and interpretation of financial contracts and in providing advice on company law, labor law, and other business rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia.

Forming a new legal entity and adopt with the various complex regulatory requirements is a highly specialized task. We have considerable experience in the formation of all types of companies.

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Do you need to re-engineer process to comply Basel-II accord?


Do you need re-structuring and IT based solutions and applications?



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Governmental Studies



Business Plans and Strategies Preparation
Field Survey Preparation
Performance Assessment
Studies and Periodical Statistical Report Preparation
Organizational and Restructuring Studies Preparation.



MARKET Researches and Feasibility Studies



MARKET Researches and Feasibility Studies
MARKETINGReshearches, Field Survey and Market Studies
Investment Projects and MARKET SHARE studies.




Financial and Administrative Services



Financial Consultations Services
COMPANIES Formation, Merging and restructuring
Internal Scrutiny Systems Setup
Financial and ACCOUNTING Support
Financial and ACCOUNTING Claims Liquidation and Solutions
ACCOUNTING and Book-Keeping Services
ESTABLISHMENT and Activities Assessment Services

Business Plans and Strategies Preparation
Zakat and TAXES Services
Privatization Services






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